Trade compliance: The role of screening in reducing the risk of sanctions breaches in the corporate environment

All businesses are expected to comply with sanctions as part of a wider trade compliance program. For many, this creates a complicated compliance challenge.


Authored by Mike Melia, Board Adviser at Napier Technologies Limited and former Global Trade Compliance Programme Director at GlaxoSmithKline, this white paper has been written primarily as a guide for Heads of Compliance in corporate businesses; and seeks to explain the associated risks of breaching sanctions, and how screening technology can be used to reduce this risk.


In this white paper:

  • Understand what sanctions are and the associated risk for trade compliance
  • Understand the important role of screening as part of a sanctions compliance programme
  • Learn how the application of the latest technologies, including artificial intelligence and big data, increases process efficiency and effectiveness
  • Learn how you can reduce false positives
  • Understand the impact of false negatives