Client Activity Review: The Missing Link between KYC and AML./

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Build a richer picture of your
customers with perpetual KYC
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Increasingly, regulators demand that firms perform ongoing customer profiling.

Not just at onboarding, but throughout the customer's lifecycle.

Regulators want to see that firms understand if their customer’s behaviour is in line with expected behaviour.

However, building this picture is not that simple.

AML defences such as transaction monitoring and KYC are often executed by different and unconnected teams.

Consequently, there is no link from initial due diligence to creating that picture of a customer's behaviour.

To bridge the gap between AML and KYC we created a software solution that can be bolted onto any existing AML or KYC system to enable the ongoing review of customers.

Principles found in this Napier ebook./

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In this ebook, we explain how our solution closes the gap between KYC processes and transaction monitoring.

We describe how the solution enable firms to move from periodic reviews to ongoing behavioural based reviews.

Read Client Activity Review: The Missing Link between KYC and AML to discover how to:

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Move towards dynamic risk-scoring and perpetual KYC
yellow tick Automate the review of client activity on an ongoing basis
yellow tick Complete more suspicious activity checks more often
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