Napier Transaction Monitoring

Supercharge your compliance capabilities.

Download our Factsheet to discover how Napier's award winning Transaction Monitoring can:

  • Provide a systematic, intelligent review of an organization's transactions
  • Handle 100s of millions of transactions with ease
  • Provide immediate value by rapidly strengthening AML and CTF defenses
  • Improve efficiency while meeting regulatory requirements

Napier’s AML Transaction Monitoring is a powerful solution that provides a systematic, intelligent review of an organization’s transactions. It is simple to deploy and is designed to be used by non-technical business users.

Key features:

  • Big data platform
  • No-code rule building and integrated sandbox
  • Intelligent Analysis


"Napier offers a single unified AML compliance platform with a highly scalable and configurable ecosystem, capable of scaling to meet the needs of any financial organization no matter the size, sophistication, or risk tolerance."

Charles Subrt, Director, Fraud & AML Practice, Aite Novarica Group

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